The end or the beginning ?

2012 ended with many shows at the friendly Bistro Bord’eau (on fridays or saturdays, not wednesdays anymore), at the warmy Clos Baillie as well as in Trois-Rivières and the peaceful and inspiring Maison-Mathieu-Froment-Savoie. Composition work did not take any break. Many new tracks will remain fragile until they leave the woods to see if the feeling is good enough.

Many moving words were heard through the year, more than ever. They were either related to past moments or to the music played, sometimes both. This exquisite nourishment is an invitation for the composer to remain as honest as possible.

Thanks to the believers, coming back in numbers, listening ou feeling the music. Thanks to Grégory Schmitt in France for keeping an eye over the site, providing a large section of multimedia content. Thanks to those who like it and dare say it.

Regarding 2013, we plan to offer more video, and maybe make a new recording come true. We will follow the current, not the one of commerce, but the one of nature.

We’d like to wish you a nice holiday season and a surprising year 2013.

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