Summer 2018

Two new videos are in the making and will be added to the already existing : « La Vague » (90 000 views in Youtube) and « Le Chat ». Life events remain an inspiration source more than ever. Thus, there are more than enough compositions worthy of an album. The challenge is to end up with impeccable recordings.

A number of intimate concerts are planned for the fall in the Ottawa region.

This summer, there will be performances in Kamouraska (café Côté Est, located on the bank of the majestic St.Lawrence seaway) on July 5th and 6th. Also, after a successful series of concerts at the prestigious Auberge de Notre-Dame-du-Portage in 2017, the experience will be repeated this year, from July 8th to 22nd (except July 16th). For more details, please contact these facilities.

Auberge du Portage
Auberge du Portage, Municipalité de Notre-Dame-du-Portage, Québec

The musical journey continues to be taken to a palliative care center. This also includes private concerts on demand. Also, radios stations like the prominent Radio-Classique, pursue broadcasting of compositions such as « Mauve », « Le Chat », « Comme un Bourgeon » and last but not least « La Vague », added recently. Apps like iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, etc. are still attracting visitors. The website preserves its vocation as the place of choice with its rich content.