In 2024

Promotion continues using around a hundred virtual platforms like Spotify and Itunes and -real- performances in the Ottawa-Gatineau area in Québec.

After -Mauve- (11 000 listenings), -Sans temps- had 20 000 streams in Spotify, especially in Brazil, while -Varna- in just three weeks got 1500 listenings and over sixty downloads, in the following main countries.

From 2022 to 2023

Pierre continued to perform in different environments, still greatly appreciating the privilege of playing regularly in a palliative care center for people at the end of life.

The pieces of the first three albums, États d’homme, Éclats d’âme and Vagues were still beeing broadcasted nationally and internationally.

Finally, a fourth album will be launched in 2023. The recordings are completed to a large extent.

Fall 2021

Pierre played for the well-known and talented actress Hélène Bourgeois-Leclerc in October. He appeared during the popular program « En direct de l’univers » of Radio-Canada. In the meantime, pieces like « Mauve » and « Marguerite » (from the album « États d’homme ») were still being played by radios like Stringray Music and Radio-Classique.

picture of Pierre at the piano for En direct de l’univers (thumbnail)
Pierre at the piano for En direct de l’univers