Spring and summer 2017

Canadian (Stingray Music), Quebec (Radio-Classique) and European radio stations continue to honour the various pieces from all albums. Also, radio in the USA, via AT&T has also begun to diffuse these original compositions. While the website remains the corner stone, the musical platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and the likes allow a larger access to audiences.

After some concerts in the Ottawa region and in Trois-Rivières, July will be mainly dedicated to «saline» piano, in Notre-Dame-du-Portage, facing the awesome St. Lawrence river. This will be a new experience as resident pianist. Videos remain popular (« La Vague » has had 65 000 views in less than a year and a half).

Auberge du Portage
Auberge du Portage, Municipalité de Notre-Dame-du-Portage, Québec.

Another CD eventually? Perhaps another formula, more modern. It’s hard to say at this point. It’s easy to say however that inspiration remains very alive. «Vive la vie».

Summer 2016

« Vagues » had a successful start, many pieces being chosen by radio stations like Radio-Classique (Montreal and Quebec) that added « Le Chat » and « Comme un bourgeon » to its programming.

Pierre continues playing regularly in the Ottawa region and in bucolic areas of Quebec, including Kamouraska and Le Bic. Weekly playing in a palliative care centre remains an unparalleled inspiration.

Le Saint-Laurent, Kamouraska
Le Saint-Laurent, Kamouraska
Le Mange Grenouille, au Bic
Le Mange Grenouille, au Bic

Videos « La Vague » and « Le Chat » have been viewed over 45000 times on Youtube during the last six months.

All albums are now available with many apps like iTunes, Spotify, Shazam, etc.

Finally, a beautiful article published on Shakti Musique for the release of « Vagues » together with another article specifically dedicated to the track « La Vague ».

November 2015 — Official release of « Vagues »

Couverture de Vagues
Cover of Vagues by François Leclair

An impressive flow of people (totalling almost 200 attendants) took part in the release, Saturday and Sunday, November 7th and 8th. Moments of stress and intense grace intertwined, particularly during the viewing of the two magnificent videoclips « La Vague » and « Le Chat » produced by Marie-Laure Turmel. The rest is up to « Vagues » and to those with whom it resonates.

Following the release and an interview with TVA on location, the restaurant « Bostaurus », located at 61, Principale, Aylmer, in a beautiful ancestral mansion, will host live piano performances every two weeks from 7 pm to 10 pm, beginning November 20 (also December 4th and December 18th). Perfect place to enjoy good music, food and company.

photo de Pierre Guérin au Bostaurus
La salle se remplit. (© Jacques Dubé)
photo de Pierre Guérin au Bostaurus
Présentation en cours. (© Jacques Dubé)
photo de Pierre Guérin au Bostaurus
L’artiste en pleine performance. (© Jacques Dubé)