Summer and fall 2012

Summer was hot and dry. Pierre was able to play the piano every wednesday (and didn’t miss a single date!) from mid-June to mid-September in a relaxed atmosphere at the terrace of Bistro Bord’eau in Gatineau. He also continued his weekly sessions at the Mathieu-Froment-Savoie medical house where music respectfully blends with emotions. And if Mother Nature didn’t grace us with much water this summer, inspiration and creativity flowed naturally and may result in a new musical project sooner than expected. Autumn started with some promotion on the radio and another session outside out of the Gatineau-Ottawa area. Even if Pierre doesn’t play on wednesdays at the Bistro Bord’eau anymore, he may pay them a visit once in a while, even on week-ends. Please check the Events section of the bistro or call them. Enjoy the season, and enjoy the music.

picture of Pierre in private concert
Pierre in a private concert

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